TED Talk #5- Group B (11:15am)


14 thoughts on “TED Talk #5- Group B (11:15am)

  1. * Vocabularies *

    1) walk of life
    When people talk about walk(s) of life, they are referring to different types of jobs and different levels of society
    Ex. We’ve got lawyers in this club, and builders and hairdressers – people from all (different) walks of life.

    2) self-discipline (n)
    The ability to make yourself do things you know you should do even when you do not want to
    Ex. You need a lot of self-discipline when you’re doing research work on your own.

  2. * Comprehension Questions *

    1) How many ratio of kids ate the marshmallow, and how many ratio did not?
    What is the ratio of eating the marshmallow to not eating, in both US and Colombia?

    2) How many percent of the children that had not eaten the marshmallow were successful?
    How they were doing?

  3. * Discussion Questions *

    1) Why “Self-Discipline(Self-Control)” is one of the most important factor for success?

    2) How do you make yourself productive under pressure?

  4. Vocabulary Words
    1. equivalent : having the same value, purpose, job etc as a person or thing of a different kind
    ex. The two books are equivalent in value.

    2. gratification : something that gives you pleasure
    ex. Your success is a gratification to me.

    Comprehension Questions
    1. What is the most important factor for success?

    2. What is his message to the American?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Do you delay gratification? Please explain.

    2. Do you think that his idea is apply to daily life? Give us some examples.

    • I’m interested in your second discussion question.
      I don’t like being patient with something, so I’d like to know good examples which result from enduring!

    • Frankly, sometimes I cannot help myself to delay gratification. Do you guys also have anything which makes you lose your self control?

  5. Comprehension Question
    1. Why did the girl eat the inside of the marshmallow?
    2. What would a person who can wait for marshmallow do as a sales person?

    Discussion Question
    1. How do you control yourself to overcome some hardships?
    2. If you are given two choices, which will you choose? Why? : If you work for 12 hours, you can earn 10 dollars per a hour. Or, if you work for 24 hours, you can earn 12dollars per a hour.

    1. principle (n) : a moral rule or belief about what is right and wrong, that influences how you behave
    (ex) It’s against my principles to accept gifts from clients.

    2. application (n) : practical purpose for which a machine, idea etc can be used, or a situation when this is used
    (ex) The research has many practical applications.

  6. Comprehension Question
    1. What is his very important massage ?
    2. What happened when the professor left the room?

    Discussion Question
    1. Do you think what is this principle suggestion ?
    2. In your country did they teach you something like this ? If yes how? If no, do you want them have or not ?

    1. experiment = a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown or of testing a principle, supposition, etc.
    ex : a chemical experiment; a teaching experiment; an experiment in living.
    2. Hispanic = Spanish Latin American
    ex : the United States and its Hispanic neighbors.

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