TED Talk #4- Group B (11:15am)


23 thoughts on “TED Talk #4- Group B (11:15am)

  1. Hi everyone, the next leader is me.
    Please listen to this and think about letters.
    Thank you!

    love letters to strangers : http://www.ted.com/talks/hannah_brencher_love_letters_to_strangers.html

    Comprehension Question
    1. When she was depressed after graduation, what did she do?
    2. How is the world where the author’s generation has grown up like?

    1. harness (v) : to control and use the natural force or power of something
    2. unearth (v) : to find something after searching for it, especially something that has been buried in the ground or lost for a long time

    Dicussion Question
    1. Do you have any unforgettable experience about letters?
    2. What do you think of using social network services?

    • Social network services have become very popular, so I think it is meaningful to discuss the effects of them and also those of letters.

      • I use Skype for international calls without paying any money. And I can easily check out my friends daily lives by flipping through Facebook without asking. It’s quite convenient.

    • Thank you so much guys, I’m glad to find such wonderful opinions here!
      I’m looking forward to sharing our attitudes with each other. Thanks!

  2. Vocabulary Words
    1. scribble (n) : to write or draw something quickly or without thought, or to make meaningless marks
    ex. She scribbled down her phone number and pushed it into his hand.

    2. unkempt (adj) : not neat or cared for; messy
    ex. He needed a shave and his hair was unkempt.

    Comprehension Questions
    1. Why wasn’t she allowed to use email, Facebook, or cell phone?
    2. Where did she leave the letters? List three examples.

    Discussion Questions
    Which do you think better, letters or Facebook? Why?

  3. Vocabulary:
    1-Frustrating :making you feel annoyed, upset, or impatient because you cannot do what you want to do.
    Ex: My job can be very frustrating sometimes.

    2-:Storyteller: someone who tells stories, especially to children.
    Ex: He was a great storyteller.

    Comprehension Questions:
    1- Why a lot of people asked her to write love letters?
    2- How many words you can write in one tweet in Twitter?

    Discussion Questions
    1- Why it’s more meaningful to write a real letter than writing an E-letter?
    2- In your opinion, does the real letter has different meaning than E-letters?

    • Until I was twenty years old, there was no e-mail such thing, or not popular to use. After I started to use e-mail rather than letter, my mail box have been receving only bills. Computer sure changed our life styles.

      • Your observation is right to the point.
        Actually, we totally depend on computers today, so email are much more convenient.
        I’d like to listen to all of your opinions. Thank you so much!

  4. * Vocabularies *

    1) clutch v.
    hold (sb/sth) tightly in the hand(s)
    Ex. He clutched the rope we threw to him.

    2) ripple effect n.
    a situation in which one event produces effects which spread and produce further effects
    Ex. If you give her a rise, it’s sure to have a ripple effect, and soon the whole department will be wanting a rise.

  5. * Comprehension questions *

    1) Why Hannah thinks that letter-writing won’t be criticized about efficiency?

    2) What was Hannah’s a kind of crazy promise which she posed on the Internet?

  6. * Discussion questions *

    1) Do you think hand writing rather than texting can improve your writing skill/ability? Why?

    2) Do you prefer to write by hand or type with keyboard? Why?

  7. Com Q
    Did she against in social network ?
    why she wrote a letter and leave it everywhere for ?

    Discuss Q
    Do you use social network to share your opinion or your though ?
    What to you think about the person who always share them though on social network? ( like… today i’m so bored … I’m hungry bla bla)

    Beneath : in or to a lower position
    Unearth : to find (something) that was buried in the earth
    : to find or discover (something) that was hidden or lost

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