TED Talk #4- Group B (10:10am)


16 thoughts on “TED Talk #4- Group B (10:10am)

  1. Comprehension Questions
    1. Why did Mulan (Speaker’s daughter) take an interest in fertilization?
    2. Why the speaker thought she had taken her daughter right into Internet porn?

    Discussion Questions
    1. If you were in the same situation, what will you tell her?
    – You will answer her questions just Yes or No, or you will answer like this video?

    1. Tadpole (n.): a recently born creature with a large head, long tail, and no arms or legs, which lives in water and develops into a frog or toad
    2. Adopted (adj.): to take another person’s child legally into your own family to raise as your own child

    • Saeko- I like your discussion question. It’s always a great discussion idea to ask group members to put themselves in the same situation and see what they would do. You will get a lot of very interesting answers and different cultural responses to this kind of question. Nice one!

    • I like your discussion questions. How will you do in this situation? Will you tell me? In my case, I will answer it . And also, I am curious about woman’s reaction when we discuss about this topic. As i said before, when i learned about sexual education, I was in men’s highschool. I do not know how women react. Could you tell me tomorrow?

  2. Vocabulary

    1. fertilize (v): To add male sperm to a female egg to make babies. To spread a natural or chemical substance on land in order to make plants grow well

    2. evolve (v): to change or develop gradually

    Comprehension Questions

    1. What do the guidebooks recommend for parents when kid start asking questions about sex?

    2. How did this woman help her daughter to better understand how cats mate?

    Discussion Questions

    1. Should parents talk to their kids about sex, or let them find out from friends/school/TV?

    2. Should schools teach sex education? At what age?

      • Why don’t you want to them? In my case, it is important to educate. As I learned, it was not serious, so it is not serious problem. I mean when they teach to children, they should give impact that if you do that, it happans big problem. To children, it is necessary.

    • In my case, I found out from internet video, called porn. I know everybody was curious about sex when they were young. Of course, me too. How about you, Micah? How was your young life? I am excited from your experiences.

    • Maybe I learned sex education when I was a junior high school. But we can talk our experience about in Japan, Korea and America.

  3. vocabulary
    1: pond…(n.) a small area of still water, especially one that is artificial.
    2: bunch…(n.) a number of things of the same type which are growing or fastened together

    Comprehension questions
    1. Why did they start talking about sex?

    Discussion questions
    1. Do you have any good idea to explain to kids?
    Or should parents explain truly?

    2. Have you ever had this kind of questions when you were child?
    Did you ask your parents or teacher?

  4. Comprehension Questions
    1. Following Julia saying, how does she explain about how human lay eggs?
    2. How does she explain about how humans start the sex?

    1. evolve : v. to change gradually, developing new features, over a long period of time through the process of scientific evolution
    2. develop : v. to grow or change into something bigger, stronger, more advanced, or more severe, or to make someone or something do this

    Discussion Questions
    1. From when were you curious about the sex? How did you solve your questions?
    2. How do you think about sexual education to young children? Should we do that? Or not, if they ask about it one day, how should we answer it to them?

    • I think parents or teachers should teach about them to children but it’s not easy. If they ask about it, we had better to tell facts.

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