TED Talk #4- Group A (11:15am)


15 thoughts on “TED Talk #4- Group A (11:15am)

  1. ComQ: Where did he meet the girl who asked him how to success?
    DisQ: Do you have own idea that leads you to success?

    tick: a regular short, sharp sound, esp. that made by a clock or watch
    workaholic: a person who compulsively works hard and long hours

  2. Comp Q: 1,what are eight things to be success??
    Discussion Q:do you agree with these eight things?

    self-doubt:the feeling that you and your abilities are not good enough
    failure-a lack of success in achieving or doing something
    cut off-a limit or level at which you stop doing something

  3. C Q’s: How can you get rich trough success?
    D Q’s: Has there been ever a time, that you wanted to be successful for a thing? How?

    Vocab.: “push your self” __ Endurance sort of fits, except that it means enduring a situation where one can’t change things.

    “Shyness” __ Drawing back from contact or familiarity with others; retiring or reserved

  4. CQ:
    Why did he decide to present about this topic?
    What the point do the TED-sters have in common?
    If you became a member of TED, what will you present?
    Privilege____ to treat some people or things better than others
    Rejection____ the act of not accepting someone for a job, school etc.

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