TED Talk #4- Group A (10:10am)


15 thoughts on “TED Talk #4- Group A (10:10am)

  1. Hello evreyone!! I’ll be leader for TED TALK next week.
    Please watch this TED TALK I chose this time by next Tuesday.
    Have a nice weekend!!

    Success is a continuous journey. Presented by Richard St John


    (Comprehension Question)
    1. When Richard St John reached his success, what did he change?
    2. What did he learn through his experience this time?

    (Discussion Question)
    1. Richard St John say,” Success is a continuous journey, what do you think what it means?
    2. What will you be doing to continue being successful?

    1. distracted : you’re not concentrating on something because you’re worried or are thinking about something else
    2. principal : first in order of importance

    • Hi Nori
      I like your second discussion question, and when I heard the sentence, I thought the sentence is looks like poem.
      How about you?

      • Hello Takuto,

        Thank you for your comment. You think my discussion question looks like the poam, it’s a taugh question for me, hahaha. When I thought about discussion question, I came up with this question by chance. I didn’t think too much, Takuto.

    • Hi, I like this video. I think we have experience of success and we think it is enough so this is kind of good advice for my life.

      Iam think about ” Success is a continuous journey” but i do not know.I want to hear what people think.

      • Hello Kasumi,

        Thank you for your comment. I agree with your opinion. To tell the truth, I can’t image and come up with any ideas, ” Success is a continuous journey”. Next week, I’d like to hear our members’ opinion. In my opinion, it’s a taugh question and it’s difficult to answer the title of this TED TALK. We’ll be talking about it next Thursday!!

    • Hello Nori,
      I watched your TED talk video ~ It was interesting. The most impressive thing for me was that success was not like summit but circle. I’m looking forward Thursday

  2. Comprehension Question
    1 What point did change in his mind before and after success?
    2 In this lecture, what did the author states to success?

    Discussion Question
    1 Do you have such experiences, for example, after admission exam and so on? Please explain.
    2 If you success, how will you keep your own motivation?

    1 figure・・・o be an important part of a process, event, or situation, or to be included in something
    2 principle・・the basic idea that a plan or system is based on:

    • Hello Takuto,

      I like your discussion question 2. If we reach success, it’ll be difficult to keep our motivation. Because we’re satisfied with the result. Takuto, if you put into the situation to reach your success, what’ll you be doing? I’m interested in your answer!!

      • Hi, I like dscussion question #2. We have already take about how to success but we have never asked how to contitune. I want to knwo how you try to contitune.

      • Hi Nori
        You should use the second discussion question, and we can know everyone’s answer!

      • Hello Takuto,

        I agree with your opinion. I’d like to hear our members’ opinion next Thursday!!

    • Everyone seems to like discussion question #2! It means after you get succeed once, how do you keep your motivation? doesn’t it? I really want to know how to keep motivation after success

  3. Comprehension Question
    1 How many years did he take back up to sucess?
    2 what he did when he depress?

    Discussion Question
    1 .What do you do when do you feel depression?
    2 Have you ever had experience “success-to-failure-syndrome,” ?

    1 depress to make someting sad ad without wntjusism or hope
    2 Prozac a drug used to treat the illiness od depression

    • Hello Kasumi,

      I like your discussion question. Both these question are so interesting. I look forward to talking about your discussion question next Thursday. Thank you for posting on your good questions!!

  4. comprehension questions
    1, Why people stop making an effort after they reach a goal?
    2, Why did this speaker say “I don’t need Prozac anymore.”

    Discussion questions
    1, How shape is your image of “success”? Summit? Routine?
    2, Have you ever felt depression?

    1, depressant—› a substance that causes you to feel sad or calm
    2, principle—› a moral rule or standard of good behavior or fair dealing:

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