TED Talk #3- Group B (11:15am)


18 thoughts on “TED Talk #3- Group B (11:15am)

  1. * Vocabularies *
    1) temptation n. : the wish to do or have something that you know you should not do or have
    Ex. As a young actress, she managed to resist the temptation to move to Hollywood.
    2) gratification n. : state of being pleased or satisfied
    Ex. His son’s success was a great gratification to him.

  2. * Comprehenstion Questions *
    1) What does “Social Reality” mean?
    2) In Peter Gollwitzer’s test, which group felt much closer to achieving their goal?

  3. * Discussion Questions *
    1) Do you usually tell someone about your plan or goal?
    2) In my opinion, telling one’s goal to someone can be a motivation or pressure for achieving one’s goal? How about you?

  4. Comprehension Question
    1. Why does telling someone our goal make it less likely to happen?
    2. If we do need to talk about something, how should we do?

    Discussion Question
    1. Have you ever experienced a kind of failure after telling someone your goal?
    2. What do you think is the most important for you to achieve your goal?

    1. ideally (adv) : used to describe the way you would like things to be even though this may not be possible
    2, trick (v) : to deceive someone in order to get something from them or to make them do something

  5. If you have time, I strongly recommend you guys to watch “Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity”, the most reviewed TED Talk(More than 20,000,000 people watched this talk). This talking is a small part of his New York Times Bestseller-“The Element”- which is I am reading now. Brilliant!!!!!! ^-^*

  6. Comprehension Question

    Why the guy said you should keep your goals to yourself?

    Discussion Question
    If you have goal who you want to talk with about that ?
    Do you think it is matter to keep your goals with yourself ? why or why not?

    gratification = The state of being gratified, satisfaction.
    Commitment = a promise to give yourself, your money, your time, etc., to support or buy something

  7. Comprehension questions
    惻In Peter Gollwitzer’s test, which group worked longer?
    惻If you want to ran a marathon, how should you tell your goal to someone?

    Discussion questions
    惻Why do you think people often tell their goal to someone?

    惻acknowledgement (n) : the act or fact of accepting the truth or recognizing the existence of something
    EX: The report is an acknowlegement of the size of the problem.
    惻substitution (n): the use of one person or thing instead of anothe

  8. Comprehension questions

    When you tell someone your goal what will happen?
    When did Peter Gollwitzer write his book?

    Discussion questions

    In your opinion, is it much better to tell someone close to you about your goals? Why? Why not?
    What makes people think that I have to tell someone about my goal?


    Substitution: when someone or something is replaced by someone or something else
    Ex: Coach Ross made two substitutions in the second half.

    Satisfied: pleased because something has happened in the way that you want.
    Ex: a satisfied smile

    • In my opinion, sometimes, by telling your goal to someone else, you can get valuable suggestions, opinions and more information from others.

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