TED Talk #3- Group A (11:15am)


13 thoughts on “TED Talk #3- Group A (11:15am)

  1. Comp. Q’s: What does Ric Elias mean, by saying: “I collect bad wines”?

    Disc. Q’s: What would your goal be in your life, if you knew you had to die in the last minutes?

    “Brace for impact” –> prepare yourself for a collision, such as a car accident or a plane crash.
    “Bucket List” –> a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.

  2. Comprehension Q:what are the three things he learnt?
    Discussion Q:what would you do when you have same situation like him
    postpone- to delay an event or arrange for it to take place at a later time:
    humanity-all people in the world as a whole, or the qualities characteristic of people:
    eliminate-to remove or take away something:

  3. comQ: What happened in airplane?
    disQ: Do you think you have lived in a good life? Why or why not?

    not having or showing strong feelings:
    a device that clamps things tightly together or that gives support, in particular:

  4. CQ:
    What is the most important thing in life for him?
    What should you do in your daily life in order not to feel regret before you die?
    In an instant_____ if something happens in an instant, it happens very rapidly
    Mend_____ to repair something that is broken or not working
    Urgency_____ the quality or condition of being urgent; pressing importance

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