TED Talk #2- Group B (11:15am)


16 thoughts on “TED Talk #2- Group B (11:15am)

  1. 1) deprivation : a situation in which you do not have things or conditions that are usually considered necessary for a pleasant life
    Ex. There were food shortages and other deprivations during the Civil War.

    2) brag : to speak too proudly about what you have done or what you own
    Ex. She’s always bragging about how much money she earns.

  2. Discussion questions
    1) Do you have any negative experience which was caused by not enough sleep?
    2) Do you know any other positive effects of getting enough sleep?

  3. Comprehension Question
    1. What do men think of sleep deprivation?
    2. What is the essence of leadership?

    Discussion Question
    1. Why do people feel superior to others when they are busy and lack of sleep?
    2. Do you think longer sleep is better? Why?

    1. virility (n) : the typically male quality of being strong, brave, and full of energy – used to show approval
    2. one-upmanship (n) : attempts to make yourself seem better than other people, no matter what they do

  4. Comprehension questions
    1. What did she urge the audiences?
    2.What does she think of men who get little sleep?

    Discussion questions
    1. Do you think people who work hard late at night and get little sleep are cool? Why, or why not?
    2. What do you do when you have a big exam or project the next day? Do you stay up late to prepare for it, or go to bed early to get enough sleep?

    1.dormant (adj) : not active or growing, but having the ability to be active at a later time
    ex. During the winter, the seeds lie dormant in the soil.

    2. gratitude (n) : a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you
    ex. He smiled at them with gratitude.

  5. Comprehension questions
    How many stitches did she get on her right eye after she hit it on her desk?
    Discussion questions
    – How does getting more sleep help you success ?
    stitches = basting suture seam sew
    exhaustion = fatigue lassitude weariness

    • I think this comprehension question is too detailed and out of the main idea.
      It could be better if it change into like this: “Why did she get many stitches on her face?”
      This is just my suggestion:)

  6. Vocabulary:
    * Inspired: having very exciting special qualities that are better than anyone or anything else.
    Ex: an inspired leader
    * Deprivation: the lack of something that you need in order to be healthy, comfortable, or happy.
    Ex: Low birth weight is related to economic deprivation.

    Comprehension questions:
    * What she said to herself about the man she was having dinner with him?
    * Is the high I.Q. make you a good leader?

    Discussion questions:
    * What makes her think that sleeping is the key for success? do you agree or disagree? Why?
    * Too many successful people when they been interviewed said that they sleep only 4-5 hours a day, how they succeeded?

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