TED Talk #2- Group B (10:10am)


9 thoughts on “TED Talk #2- Group B (10:10am)

  1. Comprehension Questions
    1. When someone tell his/her goals to someone, how do they feel after that? How do psychologists say this symptom?
    2. According to this video, he mentioned about the result of experiment. What result was it shown from who had already anounced his/her goals?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Have you ever experienced like this kind of situation? Do you agree? Why?
    2. What kind of goal will you have from next year?

    1. Social reality – n. relating to the position in reality that you have
    2. Temptation – n. a strong desire to have or do something even though you know you should not

  2. -Voca-
    1. gratification(n):
    The state of being gratified, satisfaction.

    2. substitution(n):
    a replacement, the act or an instance of substituting.

    -Comprehension Q-
    1.Did the speaker entirely emphasize on the importance of mouth shut for your goal? If so, what is the examples that the speaker gave to audience?

    2.How was the result that people who kept their mouths shut worked in their test?

    -Discussion Q-
    1. Have you ever kept your mouth shut until your goal has completed? If so, can you tell me about it?

  3. Comprehension Questions
    1. Why Derek told us that you should keep your goals to yourself?
    2. Is his speech based on only his opinions or based on some studies?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Can you keep your goals to yourself?
    2. Derek said when people say their goals to others, and then people feel one step closer already to their goals. Do you agree with this opinion?

    1. Commitment (n): a promise to give yourself, your money, your time, etc., to support or buy something
    2. Conventional (adj): following the usual practices of the past

    • At your second comperhension question, i think this is mot good question because the answer can be both . I am not sure about the exact answer. It might be from his speech , or it might be from some studies. In conclusion, it should be more specific. I recommand that it is better that how does his speech relate with result of some studies. Let’s think about more.

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