TED Talk #2- Group A (11:15am)


15 thoughts on “TED Talk #2- Group A (11:15am)

  1. Compr. Q: Which feelings did she want do give to other people thru giving out love letters?

    Discu. Q: Would you like that Hannah Brencher writes you a letter? What would you like to read from her?

    Vocab: Crates – A container, such as a slatted wooden case, used for storing or shipping
    Efficiency – The quality or property of being efficient (= Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.)

  2. Comprehension Q:what does she think about letter after she heard the story?
    Dis Q:do you think it is better to write a letter to tell your feeling to someone?

    frustrate-to make someone feel annoyed or less confident because they cannot achieve what they want
    scribble-to write or draw something quickly or carelessly
    rural- in, of, or like the countryside:

  3. Comprehension Q:
    What did she do when she got sick in New York? Why?
    What made people have never known love in a letter? Why?

    Discussion Q:
    What do you think the differences between SNS and a letter is?

    Sucker-punch — a sudden unexpected defeat or setback
    Unkempt — not properly maintained; disorderly or untidy
    Tuck — to put something into a small space
    Morph — to develop a new appearance or change into something else
    Fuel — :manage, run, sustain

  4. compQ: What did her mother not believe?
    discQ: If you got a love letter from a stranger, what would you feel?

    scribble: write hurriedly, write untidily,
    unkempt: messy, scruffy, straggly,
    tuck: 1 push, insert, slip, fold; thrust, stuff, stick, cram.
    2 pleat, gather, fold, ruffle.
    3 hide, conceal, secrete; store, stow, stash.

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