TED Talk #1- Group B (11:15am)


8 thoughts on “TED Talk #1- Group B (11:15am)

    • *Comprehension questions:
      1- What is one of the big reasons who makes many people fail after they reach a success?
      2- What did his doctor give him to make him feel better?

      *Discussion questions:
      1- In your opinion why money change people all the time?
      2- Is it always right to do something you like? how about if the thing or the job that you like didn’t give you the money and the position that you want?

      1- Lead: To take someone somewhere by going in front of them while they follow.
      Ex: A firetruck was leading the parade.
      2- Figured: decorated with a small pattern.
      Ex: He figured the true too late.
      3- Client: someone who gets services or advice from a professional person, company, or organization.
      Ex: a meeting with an important client

  1. Comprehension questions
    1 Why did he buy a fast car?
    2 What did he focus on before he failed?

    Discussion questions
    1 What is important to keep going even if you think that you reached success?
    2 Why wasn’t he happy even if he had a lot of money and could buy anything he wanted? What do you think he needed?

    1 distract: to take someone’s attention away from what that person is doing or should be doing:
    ex: She distracted the guard, so that her friend could escape.
    2 outwardly: relating to how people, situations, or things seem to be, rather than how they are inside
    ex: Outwardly, he seemed confident, but he was full of doubt

  2. Vocabulary
    1) go under : (of a business) to fail financially
    Ex. The firm will go under unless business improves.
    2) downhill : a. toward or going toward the bottom of something or to a lower place
    b. If something goes downhill, it becomes worse or worth less money
    Ex. The automobile industry started to go downhill.

  3. Discussion questions
    1) What kind of life is a successful life to you?
    2) Do you think a success needs some kind of sacrifice? Why?

  4. Comprehension questions
    1. What caused him to succeed?
    2. How did his business drop like a rock? What caused him to fail?

    Discussion questions
    1. What drives you to succeed the best? What is your motive for success?
    2. What do you think we should do when you fail and want to succeed again?

    1. hot-shot (adj) : informal someone who is very successful and confident
    ex. He is a hotshot lawyer so he can deal with any client.
    2. depressed (adj) : very unhappy
    ex. The divorce left him deeply depressed.

  5. Comprehension questions
    1. Why did he fail after being successful?
    2. What did he do to become successful again?

    Discussion questions
    In your onion what is important step to get successful ?

    persist = to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, especially in spite of opposition, remonstrance, etc
    prozac =a brand of fluoxetine hydrochloride.

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