TED Talk #1- Group B (10:10am)


6 thoughts on “TED Talk #1- Group B (10:10am)

  1. Comprehension questions
    1 Why did Nancy built a crisis text hotline?
    2 What is Nancy’s purpose to help kids?

    Discussion questions
    1 As Nancy said, the texting might be the only way to communicate with your kids.
    What do you think about this?
    2 Do you have this kind of experience in texting?

    1 referral…the act of sending sb who needs professional help to a person or place that can provide it
    2 consequence…a result of sth that has happened

  2. Comprehension Questions
    1. What service did she start?
    2. Why does she think texting is a good way to communicate with children?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Do you think texting is better than talking?
    2. Do you want to consult with stranger about your trouble?

    1. Disorder: a state in which objects or conditions are in no particular order; lack of system or planned organization
    2. Assault: a violent attack

  3. Comprehension Questions
    1. How does Nancy think about a text hotline? Why? As she use this system, what kind of problems did she recieve?
    2.Nancy mentioned about the NYPD’s CompSat. What happend after they used this system?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Do you often use the phone for texting? Have you ever sent a message for counseling? If you were not, have you ever heard about this experience?
    2. As Nancy mentioned her experinces she recieved some problems from students, how do you think about that? Is that serious? What kind of reasons do make these problems?

    1. hotline – n. a special telephone line for people to find out about or talk about something
    2. census – n. an official count of all the people in a country, including information about their ages, jobs etc.

    • Comprehension Questions
      1. Why Derek told us that we should keep your goals to yourself?
      2. Is his speech based on only his opinions or based on some studies?

      Discussion Questions
      1. Do you keep your goals to yourself?
      2. Derek said when people say their goals to others, and then people feel one step closer already to their goals. Do you agree with this opinion?

      1. Temptation: the desire to have or do something, esp. something wrong, or something that causes this desire
      2. Gratification: the state of feeling pleasure when something goes well for you or when your desires are satisfied.

      • At your second comperhension question, i think this is mot good question because the answer can be both . I am not sure about the exact answer. It might be from his speech , or it might be from some studies. In conclusion, it should be more specific. I recommand that it is better that how does his speech relate with result of some studies. Let’s think about more.

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