Academic Listening 2


Term and Dates:  Fall 2, 2013

Class Days and Time:  M-Th 10:10am-11:10am/M-Th 11:15-12:15am

Instructor:  Micah Pexa

Contact Information:


            Cell Phone: (808)450-6437

Facebook: Micah Pexa

              Office:  13-4

              Office hours:  M-Th 1:00pm-2:00pm or by appointment

Course Description: 

In this course, you will learn how to listen to lectures and takes notes effectively, and to communicate with other students in group discussions.  Through the use of engaging lectures presented via DVD, you will experience the demands and atmosphere of a real college classroom.  This preparation will enable you to enter a college or university armed with the strategies you need to listen, take notes, and discuss ideas independently and confidently.

Course Materials

Required textbook:

  • Lecture Ready 3, 2e  (P. Sarosy & K. Sherak), 2006 – Chapters 6-10


  • Listening Power 3 (T.L. Gilbert & B. Rogers), 2011
  • Additional handouts from teacher

Instructional Methods:

The HELP Program emphasize active learning.  Among the instructional methods used in this course are:  Pair and group work, pair and small group discussions, presentations.


Course Outcomes:

  1. Recognize lecture language that signals the topic of a lecture, a transition between ideas, a definition, cause and effect, and comparisons and contrasts, as measured by chapter tests from the textbook.
  2. Utilize note-taking strategies for authentic lectures utilizing symbols and abbreviations, as measured by chapter tests from the textbook, as well as in-class assignments.
  3. Create informal outlines and graphic organizers, as measured by in-class work, and homework assignments.
  4. Use functional language in order to ask for clarification and elaboration, give opinions, agree and disagree politely, as measured by in-class discussions.
  5. Give at least one presentation, using learned presentation strategies, as measured by final presentation project.


Attendance and Participation            30%

Unit Tests            20%

Final Presentation            20%

Vocabulary Quizzes            15%

Homework            15%



Advancing Policies

To advance to the next level, students must have the recommendation of all teachers based on fulfilling the following:

When you complete the 300 LEVEL (ready to enter the 400 Level), you should be able to:

1. Identify main ideas and key supporting details in authentic aural materials.

2. Express a clear opinion supported by details in a group discussion or oral presentation.

3. Identify main ideas, major supporting ideas and text organization in various types of authentic readings.

4. Write multi-paragraph essays that are well developed and well organized.

5.       Demonstrate a sold foundation in using the present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect tenses in speaking and writing



Attendance and English-Only Policies

Remember that you signed an agreement to follow these policies when you entered HELP!



There are no excused absences from HELP classes. Any hour that you are not in class will be counted as an absence. This includes illness, TOEFL or other exams, religious services, visits from friends and relatives, etc. If you have more than five hours of absences in any one class, you will receive a letter of probation. If you have any additional absences, you receive a letter of imminent dismissal.



Please make every effort to be on time for every class. Your teacher keeps a record of each minute you are late.  Your tardies my accumulate to one full class absence in the following ways:

  • Three tardies equals one absence.
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late to a class, either at the beginning or at the end, you will also receive one absence.

English-Only Policy

In order to ensure that students make the best use of their time at HELP, all students must speak, write, listen to, and read ONLY in English at school and on school activities.

In-Class Materials

  • Binder/Handouts
  • Notebook for class, pencil, pen, folder
  • English Dictionary (paper or electronic)


Micah’s Class Rules

  • Come to class everyday
  • Be on time!
  • Listen! Listen to the teacher and your classmates when they are talking
  • Talk a lot in class
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Have fun

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